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Installing your solar PV system

There's a number of stages to installing your solar PV system. This short guide will walk you through the process.

Our installation team

By the time you get to the stage of installing your system, you will have met with a member of Solar Kingdom. Our team will ensure everything is done to the highest standard. Our roofing team will handle all aspects of mounting the solar panels to your roof, and our electrician will deal with all the electrical wiring required to connect the system to the electrical system in your property.

How long does installing a system take?

We're normally able to complete your installation within one or two days. When we survey your property we'll be able to determine how long we expect it will take, so you'll know in advance how long the works are likely to take.

The installation process

  1. Erecting Access Equipment. We first put up the necessary equipment to access your roof. This gives us a safe environment to work at height.
  2. Fitting the roof anchors. The roof anchors will secure the frame the panels sit on to your roof rafters. We use specific anchors best suited to your roof type for each installation.
  3. Attaching the frame. Once the anchors are in, we can attach the frame that the panels will be fitted to.
  4. Installing the panels. Next, we fit the panels onto the frame. All cables from the panels are secured.
  5. If a roof integrated system has been chosen, the area of roof involved has the covering removed and the panels and flashings installed. Roof covering (either tiles or slates) is refitted to the flashings
  6. Wiring the panels to the inverter. Having fitted the panels onto the roof we can now connect the DC cabling to the inverter.
  7. Connecting the system to your home system. We will prepare the necessary internal wiring to connect your new solar installation to your home's electrical system. For the final electrical works we will have to turn off your power for a short time, but we'll give you plenty of warning. Our electrician will connect it to the existing system, test, and certify this work.
  8. Turning on the system. Once all the works are complete we'll turn everything on, commission the system and ensure it is performing correctly.

Throughout your installation, if you've got any questions we'll be available to answer them. We aim to make the process as simple and disruption free as possible, and take care to leave your home as we found it.

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