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Our award winning, ultra-low carbon, solar home created

Succoth-Park-26th-August-03Working in partnership with architect, Rob Goodburn, we have completed an ultra-low, integrated renewable system at his new home. The renewables system incorporates roof integrated solar PV and solar thermal, in conjunction with a biomass heating system using a thermal store coupled to underfloor heating and low temperature radiators. This is complimented by waste water heat recovery, grey water toilet flushing, a whole house heat recovery system, and LED lighting.

In recognition of the project Solar Kingdom picked up an award for the best integrated renewables system at the Solar Power Portal awards, the number one UK event for solar professionals. Solar Kingdom was recognised for the outstanding work in planning, commissioning and installing, evaluating and optimising the integrated technologies.

The system has created a home that emits very low levels of carbon whilst producing green energy. This is turn leads to very low running costs.

A post occupancy study is planned in conjunction with Napier University and BRE to evaluate aspects of the buildings performance.

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North Berwick - Solar PV

case1Having recently retired from a busy life running a parish in the Scottish borders the Burts have moved to a new home in North Berwick. Installing a PV system allowed them to reduce their electricity bill, get a good return on the money invested and reduce their carbon emissions.

The system installed features 16 REC 250watt panels, an MCS012 compliant mounting system from Mount Solar and an Enasolar Inverter. The inverter provides real time monitoring on to their computer or smart phone allowing them to optimise self use of the power generated.

"Peter produced a project report showing the benefits of installing the system. This gave a compelling case for going ahead. The installation went smoothly with no disruption to our routine.

Being at home more we are able to take advantage of the energy as it is produced, timing the use of appliances to suit. We can look at real time generation on a laptop to maximise our energy use.

This has all fitted well with our new life, raising our awareness of energy use and allowing us to take other measures to better control it."



Dunbar - Solar PV

case2Kevin and his wife both run their businesses from home where they live with their two teenage children. Kevin is involved with energy measurement and conservation. He was keen to save money and also reduce the cost of running their hot tub!

The system installed features 14 Renasolar 250 watt black framed panels, an MCS012 compliant mounting system from Mount Solar and an Eltec inverter. The inverter provides real time monitoring of the system enabling them to best utilise self generated electricity.

Kevin also took advantage of having an Immersun proportional controller installed. Instead of excess electricity being exported, it is diverted to the immersion element heating the hot water. In the summer months since installation, they haven't needed to use the gas boiler to heat water at all, boosting their savings even more.

case2b"We are very pleased with our new PV system. Peter and his team made sure everything went smoothly with attention to detail at every stage. This included ensuring the design maximised output by avoiding shade where ever possible and dealing with the paperwork for out FIT application. Despite the fact our roof tiles are no longer manufactured, they somehow managed to source some replacements to undertake remedial work on the roof whilst installing the PV system which was an added bonus.

Working in the field of energy conservation, installing the system was based on the realities of the ever increasing energy costs we all face. I also measure carbon emission rates and know how much ours have now fallen. We are now shielded from part of these costs whilst at the same time taking responsibility for reducing our own emissions."




Midlothian - Solar Thermal & Solar PV

case3Peter & Aileen have lived in their home for a considerable time. Heating and hot water were supplied by bulk LPG, the cost of which is far greater than mains gas. Shortly before they decided to look at solar, their village was connected to the mains gas grid.

This event prompted the Banks to completely review their energy use. They decided on a complete new heating system incorporating a solar thermal installation. As the existing boiler was old and inefficient, they were able to take advantage of the boiler scrappage scheme in operation at the time. In conjunction with our Gas Safe registered heating engineer Grant Sinclair, Solar Kingdom installed the new heating system and solar thermal system. The solar thermal system features a 3 square metre roof integrated panel by Viridian Solar.

It didn't stop there. Peter & Aileen were keen to take advantage of available roof space and install a solar PV system as well. This was early 2012 before changes to the Feed In Tariff took effect. The installation was undertaken promptly to ensure it qualified at the old rate. The 4kW system sits adjacent to the solar thermal panel.

The combination of technologies and Feed In Tariff rates has given them something most can only dream of. Their investment not only provides vastly reduced energy costs, it also provides sufficient revenue to cover the gas and electric bills. Their solar Thermal system will also qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive in 2014, further boosting the returns they currently enjoy.

"We now have our own personal energy security and have protected ourselves from the worst of the costs we would have faced in the coming years. Peter and his team from Solar kingdom kept us informed at every stage advising on the best equipment options and ensuring all work went smoothly. Having a shower and knowing its sun powered is a great feeling."


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